NR Consulting


 We are a firm dedicated to helping people whose business is being threatened, wound up, or a WINDING UP APPLICATION has been filed against it, or people who are threatened with, or feel they are about to be threatened with BHelping 2ANKRUPTCY.

We are experienced business people who have, over the past two decades, built and dismantled, grown and restructured, saved and euthanized all manner of businesses in all manner of industries and for all manner of Clients. We are there for you when things are not looking so good, when you need somebody to talk to that understands and when you really need help and direction in what are usually difficult and stressful times. Our first meeting is absolutely FREE and without obligation.  We hope that after one chat you will not need our services.  

We believe that:

          Being proactive is always better than reactive

          Timely prevention is always better than the cure

          Doing something is always better than doing nothing


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Have a look at our website and give us a call:  1300 85 39 79