A Measure of Success

A Measure of Success

Balancing the books and measuring success means a wholly different thing for 32-year-old PCS Precision.

One of Australia’s leading calibration companies, it was created — like so many others — when its principals’ employer was being taken over. Rather than stay, they set up shop for themselves.

Peter Simonis and Dieter Bolenski set up their business on the back of a truck, and it grew from there. The client base of the Wetherill Park business is remarkably diverse: from Arnotts Biscuits to Unilever; pharmaceuticals companies and supermarkets; the Australia Nuclear Science & Technology Organisation to public weighbridges.

The founders realised they needed management in to help them develop the business and allow it to grow. They also needed people who would treat the business as their own. As it turned out, those people were there.

Karen Biddle wandered into PCS about 10 years after it started, looking for a job. She stayed and became general manager when Peter wanted more time to concentrate on other roles.

She sought to put the company on a more commercial footing, along with a calibration manager who has spent 25 years at PCS and a sales manager who has been there 12 years.

“We treat it like our own business. We have to have the passion and energy to make it work,” Karen says.

Now, with 30 people employed, the issue of the future will be what happens when the owners think about passing on control to the next generation and teach them how to measure success.

Peter Simonis and Dieter Bolenski founders of PCS Precision; News Limited

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