Liquidation, There Are Always Solutions

There are always solutions – it is just a matter of knowing where to look, knowing how to look, being proactive and above all, being creative.

Here Is What We Are Not:

  • We are not Lawyers

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  • We are not Solicitors

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  • We are not Accountants

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  • We are not insolvency Practitioners

  • We are not finance Brokers.


Here is what we are.

NR Consulting is a firm of business people dedicated to looking at your particular problem/s from a personal, commercial and business prospective. Then, using our decades of knowledge and experience coupled with, when required, our extensive network of associated and specialist professionals, we find, develop and implement the required solution/s and strategies to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

The worst thing you can do right now is keep doing what ever it is that you have been doing. Unfortunately, it’s not working and things could get worse. 

Our 4 step plan of attack is simple and effective.

  • CONTROL is the key.

    Getting you “back in control” is the initial and primary objective.

  • TIME can be your worst enemy.

    Having more time means having more options available which means more opportunities can be explored.

  • PLAN for all contingencies.

    We don’t like surprises.


    Progress is the path to a successful and predictable conclusion.