Pre-Insolvency FAQ’s

Pre-insolvency can be described as getting all you ducks in a row to protect your interests before going into insolvency, liquidation, administration or bankruptcy.

It is more than that. It is collecting enough information and designing a strategy to best protect you and your family.

What can you do?

  • We may be able to save your business.
  • Your business may be beyond redemption. In which case we ensure that the directors are organised to protect their personal assets.

How can you save my business?


  • Restructure your business
  • Refinance your business
  • Sell down assets of the business
  • Restructure business loans
  • Collecting debts
  • Negotiating better credit terms
  • Creating a business strategy that is right for you
  • Often the company can be put into Voluntary Administration to get creditors off your back and allow time to negotiate with creditors or negotiate a Deed of Company Arrangement
  • Most people come to us too late to save their business so come early as the initial consultation is FREE of charge and FREE of any obligations

What do I do if my business is past saving?

Then we want to protect the directors as best we can by:-

  • Ensuring all loans to the business are recorded correctly
  • Ensuring all money owed to the business is recorded correctly
  • Assist with ATO paperwork
  • Assist with Liquidator paperwork
  • Ensure assets are recorded correctly
  • Tidying up any loose ends that may come back to bight you later on
  • Basically we ensure that you make the most of what you got.

How do I restructure my business?

We will do that for you if that is the correct strategy for your particular circumstances.

How would I refinance my business?

We have access to financiers who do all sort of strange loans.

If I cannot collect my debts how will you?

We have some very good debt collectors on our books and they only get paid if they collect your money for you.

How will you negotiating better credit terms?

One of our main strengths is negotiating. We have been able to negotiate some incredible deals in our time.

How would I appoint a Voluntary Administrator?

We will do that and liaise with him to achieve what we want to do in our specific strategy.

How do I negotiate and draft a Deed of Company Arrangement?

We do all that for you.

How do I know just what to expect in this my time of financial crisis?

We will tell you exactly what is going to happen.

How much will you cost?

When we present out strategy to you it will include a one off cost for our services. You will not have to worry about running up a new bill every time you ring us. We want you to ring if you have a worry as we want to take the worry away from you and your family.